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A Pink Affair

The month of February is a time when love is in the air. Some of us enjoy it, while others ...
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Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

Find yourself pausing with indecision in the water aisle at your supermarket because there are so many questions surrounding bottled ...
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Easy Berry Cobbler Cookies

by Jessica Murane INGREDIENTS For The Berries 1 cup blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries (or a combo) 1 tablespoon real ...
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What image is used more than any other when trying to display thoughts of love? the heart. That’s because this ...
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Refresh Your Youthful Glow – With Doctors Elliott & Summer Black

By Patricia Danflous Do you see a stranger when you look in the mirror? You are healthy, feel great, and ...
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More Than Just a Pretty Face

By Patricia Danflous Simona Fusco is well connected in the entertainment industry – she produced “Beverly Hills Christmas” starring Dean ...
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To Practice Aikido is to Learn to Love Better

By Robert Brian Levy, Sensei Aikido is a martial art. But it is not about breaking or destroying an attacker ...
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For the Love of “Clean” Food!

by Tami Charbonnet Linda Ayers, owner of Houma’s favorite classic hamburger spot, Ground Pat’i, joined our team at Inspire Health ...
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Simple Tahini Roasted Carrots

By Amie Valpone, When I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and my gut became allergic to hundreds of foods, ...
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Love Your Kids, Love Their Teeth

Many people say the first thing they notice about others is their smile. And what is a smile? A collection ...
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