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Woman Who Inspires: Workplace Tragedy, Changes Woman’s Appearance But Not Her Spirit

By Chad Ruiz Annie Kirschenbaum Circulates Message of Love and Appreciation Meeting Annie Kirschenbaum is a life-changing experience. Immediately, she swoons you with her southern drawl, her devout appreciation and ...
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“Sneaking” Veggies Into Your Daily Diet

By Michele Robert Poche We’re all adults here, right? So maybe we don’t actually have to sneak vegetables into our meals anymore. But who wants to eat a bowl of ...
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Create Your Own Fairy Garden With Your Children

By Michele Robert Poche What do you get when you mix equal parts creativity, imagination, miniature vegetation and just a little pinch of magic? If you guessed fairy garden, you’re ...
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Raise The Bar With Clean The World!

By Liz McGehee When Shawn Seipler began recycling bars of soap in his friend’s single-car garage, he didn’t know he’d one day run the world’s largest organization recycling hotel soaps ...
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Garlic Cauliflower Mash

By Liz McGehee Whether pizza, mashed potatoes, fried rice or casseroles, it’s entirely possible to love low-carb recipes. Cauliflower takes on the flavor of whatever it is paired with, making ...
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