Affected By Alzheimer’s Disease?

By McKinley Smith IV

Medical research has unexpectedly become one of the most discussed topics in recent years.  Clinical research is a big part and end of research before a new drug, vaccine, or medical equipment can be used or sold.  Clinical research advances the science of medicine and works to get medicine that could help plenty of people into homes.  Tandem Clinical Research works to propel the clinical research field in New Orleans by providing patients with a transparent, concise, and exemplary experience.

Tandem Clinical Research is a multisite research facility based in the New Orleans area.  They have offices in Marrero and Metairie, as well as offices in the Orlando area and in New York City.  The Tandem Clinical Research team has conducted more than 400 research trials in a variety of therapeutic indications including fatty liver disease, Alzheimer’s disease, celiac disease, weight loss, memory loss and more.  The medical team is headed by board-certified physicians, who are highly respected in their fields of medicine and who have all been trained in Good Clinical Practice.  The team of doctors, nurses, and medical staff are dedicated to providing patients with friendly and professional medical care. 

Tandem Clinical Research works diligently to ensure that the studies they accept are studies that could ultimately benefit the communities they are in.  Tandem Clinical Research consults with all of the patient’s physicians for an accurate analysis of the patient’s medical history before starting any trials.  All of the participants that qualify for a study are compensated for their time and travel throughout the whole trial.

One of the newer studies at Tandem Clinical Research focuses on early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.  The drugs being tested at the clinic may significantly delay the onset of symptoms and progression of the disease.  Patients for this study may not even be experiencing any symptoms of the disease but getting treatment for even the early signs is ideal.  Tandem Clinical Research is working to push the research forward on a disease that affects so many in our community and works with its community to do so. 

“Seeing the ripple effect from the data we collect and provide turn into something that could save lives” said John Neil, COO of Tandem Clinical Research about why he believes the work at Tandem Clinical Research is so important. 

Call 504.934.8092 to schedule a screening,, 4420 Conlin Street, Suite 305, Metairie, LA 70006

Knowing that the data we collect may lead to the betterment of our community is the big picture here at Tandem
 – John Neil.

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