Qualities To Look For When Buying A Purse

By Leann Zotis

There was a time in society when a woman’s purse matched her shoes while coordinating well with her outfit.  This may still be the case to some women. For many others, the rigors of life demand a sturdy, functional purse that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice and will prove serviceable for every occasion. 

With the prices of good quality handbags reaching the stratosphere, it pays to make a good choice the first time around.  No one wants a costly handbag mistake languishing in their closet for the next decade. Before making another purchase, consider a few key characteristics of the perfect purse.

Size Does Matter
Bigger is not necessarily better.  Just because you can carry the contents of your make-up drawer along with your unpaid bills, register receipts from past purchases, your gym shoes and a small photo album of your last vacation in your purse doesn’t mean you should.  Determine upfront what image you want to project with your appearance and size your bag accordingly.  As far as all that other stuff goes, well, that’s why they make tote bags.

Capacity Is Critical
Not to be confused with size, capacity relates more to the internal arrangement of the contents.  Dividers, zippered sections, snaps for your keys and pockets for your cell phone can all add up to a more organized handbag.  You probably don’t want a bare bones duffel bag style if you want to find your stuff in a timely manner.

Match Your Purse To Your Personality
Sure, there’s a place for the standard neutrals of black, brown, white or beige in a basic wardrobe.  But what if your tastes are a little more adventurous?  Express your inner psychedelic flower child with hot pink, chartreuse, lavender, puce or embroidery if that’s where your heart lies.  Dare to be yourself.

Find Your Preferred Price Point And Stick To It  
There is almost no end to the level of expense you can take on with a high quality purse.  If you know that going in, you can steer yourself away from the designer originals that break your bank.  There are great choices to be found at comfortable prices.

Take A Long Term View Of Your Purchase  
If you don’t want to find yourself trolling around the department and specialty stores for another purse six months from now, make sure your choice today is one you want to live with through the changing seasons and the variations of clothing styles. 

Style and fashion do not always go hand in hand.  The sooner you decide what’s right for you, your lifestyle and your checkbook, the sooner you can settle into the style that works for you today.  And with any luck, for several seasons into the future. 

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