Staying Positive With Creativity

By Elizabeth Impastato

The ability to stay focused and productive during challenging times has never been so widespread at such a level than these past six months.  The senses are on overload with social media, signs of Covid-19 and chants of protest.  The human mind has 24 hours a day to try and deal with the constant uncertainty of the future.

The first thing to remember is to take a deep breath and exhale.  The next step is to fill your space with positivity.  Pull out old pictures of friends and family, grab a vase and fill it with your favorite flowers.  Try playing soft background music with candles when you are at home.  Paint the walls in the latest soft colors.  Try purchasing original artwork that makes you feel positive emotions.  Self health is something everyone can use as a tool to stay positive and tap into the creative side of the brain.  When possible, let your mind imagine freely like a young child.  Look at the clouds and find animals, for example.

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy offers a welcoming environment that offers only original artwork as well as a place to retreat and take time out for an “Art Escape.”  When I created the different services, the goal was to help share with others what helped me to organize my time, be productive alone as well as work with a team, knowing how to communicate the need for help.  Allowing me to stay positive and productive at work and home during challenging times.

The private painting lessons offer packages of flexibility to encourage self-health at individual levels.  The painting is an opportunity to learn a new way of personal communication style and how to express your creative self.  The private drawing lessons known as “The Drawing Journey” will take you on a journey of self discovery as you gain skills of adventure with each step.

Like small moving parts, we must all work individually and learn how to stay positive together as a power force pushing forward.

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Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy is the art gallery of Mandeville, Louisiana.  The gallery sells only one of a kind original art.  Impastato Gallery offers private painting lessons and the “Drawing Journey” designed by Eric Mondello.

Impastato Gallery and Art Therapy
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