Green Beans

By Christian Dischler

A staple of most Thanksgiving meals, green beans are sometimes overlooked in terms of health benefits.  But in fact, they’re loaded with nutritious value at a low-calorie cost!  Here are some reasons why they should be a priority on your shopping list this holiday season.

Antioxidant Rich
Whether you like them crunchy, canned or cooked in a casserole—there’s no doubt that these super beans are working double time for our systems.  They’re full of antioxidants, like vitamin C and flavanols, that actively fight free radicals, contributing to reduced cell damage throughout our bodies.  

Heart Healthy
Low in calories, but high in fiber!  These lengthy year-round veggies are rich in soluble fiber, which helps lower LDL cholesterol and improve your heart’s health.  Which is important during the holidays because we all know; things can get hectic!

Great for Pregnancy
Even a small portion of green beans is filled with folate, a B vitamin that’s extremely beneficial for the growth and development of fetal babies.  It’s often recommended by prenatal doctors to consume around a cup of green beans, when possible, which counts as roughly one-third of your recommended daily folate intake.  

Well-Balanced Diet Superstars
Not just versatile in the recipe books, green beans boast a health profile that seems to have it all.  They’ve got great protein content, high fiber, and a comprehensive set of vitamins and minerals that help us to maintain a healthy weight, feel full, and get the nutrients we need throughout the day.  Chop some fresh, raw green beans to add into a salad and boost your bone health with a variety of beneficial nutrients.  

Gut Health
As we learn more about the importance of gut health, we’re finding more fresh vegetables help regulate our gut, and green beans are no exception.  These low-carb super foods are so good for you, they can help to clean out your gut of harmful bacteria, but leave the good so your body keeps running at its full potential.  

Cancer Fighters
Lastly, green beans may even help to reduce the risk of cancer in those who enjoy their crunchy goodness.  In addition to their full mineral profile, green beans also have chlorophyll, which may help slow tumor growth, and keep you healthier longer. 

Don’t shy away from these green health machines when browsing those holiday recipe books this year.  You might find your new favorite dish, and feel good doing it.

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