By Suzanne Fox

The natural beauty of Montana inspires peace and fresh perspective in a fast-paced world. Clean mountain air, wildlife and an active yet relaxed pace all come together at Big Sky Yoga Retreat. This retreat experience is not about escapism, it is about excavating your inner self and finding the tools you need to improve your health and well being.

Big Sky Yoga Retreats offers several retreats throughout the year, and they sell out quickly, so plan a year in advance if you want to experience this transformation. Most of the retreats are in Montana, but the Cowgirl Yoga retreat in Costa Rica and the Yoga and Vineyard Retreat in California are popular.

Add a little “yeehaw!” to your namaste with Cowgirl Yoga, a women’s retreat for all levels of yoginis and equestrians. You will have the chance to deepen your personal commitment to choices that support a more sustainable lifestyle, no matter where you live.

We suggest the Winter Wonderland and Wellness Retreat. Winter is a time to focus on your well-being.

There are many amazing workouts at Big Sky Yoga Retreat. Nordic skiing is a cardio kick-in-the-pants (prepare your muscles beforehand with yoga). Participate in cooking classes that emphasize healthy eating when it’s cold outside. Take a sensory journey through the world of tea. Play in the snow, and afterwards get warm and cozy!

Once a year, Cancer Kickin’ Cowgirls is held for women who are recovering from the physical, emotional and financial hardships of breast cancer. Attendees may receive scholarships for this retreat through generous donations of supporters. You can nominate a survivor or make donations through As a symbol of their heroic fight, women receive cowboy boots to wear during treatment.



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