Tired of hospital-based cardiology groups that shuffle you from one specialist to the next? Wonder why Cardiologists seem to send you for one cardiac test after the other? Tired of the same, one-size-fits all, assembly-line medical care? The good news is, there is a more sensible, personalized approach to caring for your heart and health.

Jorge Bordenave, M.D. is the only S. Florida Cardiologist Fellowship trained and board certified in both Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine, providing truly 21st Century Cardiology care.

Dr. Bordenave’s patient history looks back at a person’s entire life story reviewing milestones including the patients diet, microbiome, quality of sleep, stressors, activity levels, mood and mindset as well as family and community dynamics to determine the root causes of illness that have led to the current medical concern.

Understanding that each individual is genetically and biochemically different he utilizes genomic testing, when appropriate.

Armed with a patient’s history, he introduces interventions that are as natural as possible to achieve epigenetic modulation — chemical modifications that switch genes on and off and facilitate the body’s innate healing response.

He treats the entire person taking into account the mind, body and soul.

This patient centered, individualized, practice of medicine is truly revolutionary and Dr. Bordenave is the ONLY Cardiologist trained in what is the standard of care of 21st century medicine.

“My goal is to encourage people to be more knowledgeable about their medical conditions and help them take control and responsibility for their own healthcare,” Dr. Bordenave said.

“Wellness is already within you. Sometimes it just takes the right doctor to help guide you in the right direction to recover your good health.”

Jorge Bordenave MD is located at 8720 North Kendall Drive, Suite 115 in Miami. For more information, call 305-446-2444 or visit www.drbordenave.com.

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