By Ann Jarema

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. Don’t wait until the last minute. Those who take the time to prepare now will be far more likely to please their loved ones. With so many things to do and places to see, there are so many options other than the typical hum-drum dinner out.

Want something unique that will be sure to win some brownie points this Valentine’s Day?

Consider these 14 unique suggestions.

  1. Take a dance lesson –What better to do on Valentine’s Day than to twirl around your loved one and have them end up in your arms?
  2. Go to a winery and take a wine lesson–A little wine is sure to warm you up and bring a blush to your cheeks.
  3. Attend a poetry readingNo poetry readings in your area? Then head to your local library and look up some poems from a romantic poet like Wordsworth, Keats, or Blake. Then, end the night by writing your own love poem together while enjoying a glass of rosé.
  4. Paint a picture together–We’re not talking about those classes where everyone paints the same thing (though those are cool too). Why not get your own canvas and paints, lay out some plastic sheeting, and get crazy together?
  5. Go on a winter hike–If you are in the north, bundle up in your favorite parka, boots, and hats and hit the trail. If in the south, look for a unique trail that you have never visited before.
  6. Get a couple’s massage, spa service or pedicure–Nothing like relaxing while tantalizing the senses!
  7. Start your day early by enjoying the sunrise–Who says a Valentine’s Day activity needs to wait until the evening? Why not start your day with a trip to the best place in town to watch the sunrise? Then, why not partake in a hike together followed by a breakfast at a local bakery?
  8. Take a cooking class –Love to cook? Or not good at cooking? Sign up for a cooking class hosted by a professional chef.
  9. Cook a meal together –Not into the cooking class idea but you’re both self-proclaimed foodies? Why not find a new recipe, head to the local grocery store to pick up fresh groceries, and then head home to cook the meal together? Be sure to enjoy it by candlelight when done!
  10. Visit a psychic for a tarot card reading–Try something completely new. It doesn’t matter if you are into astrology or mysticism. If anything, the experience will make for a great conversation starter.
  11. Spend the evening in a historic hotel–We’re not talking about the Hilton or Marriott located downtown. Do some homework and look for a hotel with a story to tell. There are hundreds of unique hotels located across the country that have some amazing history–find one, book the room and enjoy your night.
  12. Go skydiving or ziplining–Nothing will take your breath away quite like the exhilaration of a zipline tour across the tree-tops or jumping out of an airplane.
  13. Create a scavenger hunt–Feeling like something unique, adventurous and sexy? Plan a scavenger hunt for your partner that has you making some pretty fun stops around town (you can even make it a day-long activity and build in some of the before mentioned suggestions). End the day with something sexy and romantic, or coordinate your activities to prepare for a long, romantic, intimate evening.
  14. Renew your vows (or relationship)Why not jet-set across the country to Vegas and renew your vows? Look for the craziest opportunity possible so that you can enjoy the actual renewal, but also get some great giggles out of the experience. Or, set up a twinkle light romantic evening for a private vow renewal in your backyard. Write your own vows to each other and renew that kindred spirit.

Why not start your day with a trip to the best place in town to watch the sunrise?

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