Even the most dedicated exercise enthusiast can hit a workout rut, but there are a few ways you can stay motivated, whether it’s adding a new class into your routine or ensuring you’re outfitted in the right gear. 

  1. Set goals, track progress – A great way to keep your goals and successes top of mind is keeping a visual chart on your fridge or bedroom wall. Not only will you feel accomplished when you check off the days you worked out, but it is also an easy way to track your progress and celebrate milestones.
  2. Add variety – One reason people tend to quit an exercise program is boredom, so make sure you are challenging yourself. Not only does a varied workout regimen prevent boredom, it also ensures you’re working different muscles and areas of your body.
  3. Buddy up – Working out with a friend and scheduling a workout in advance ensures you’re more likely to stick to your fitness commitments.
  4. Get the right gear – For women, this means finding the perfect sports bra. Make sure that you have a style that both fits properly and is appropriate for your activity level. With ChampionSportsBras.com you can find educational tools, such as a Bra Finder that finds the right sports bra for your active lifestyle.
  5. Reward yourself – Set small, achievable goals for specific time parameters, as well as an overall goal. Don’t let setbacks get you down, and make sure you celebrate each time you reach a new level with something special.

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