Balance in aesthetic treatments is a good thing! If a women’s breast implants are too large, she may look heavy. If cosmetic surgery results in a nose that is too small, the chin will look big. To achieve the most pleasing appearance, it’s important to keep things in proportion. While good training may help produce skilled plastic surgeons, it is my belief that aesthetic surgery is perhaps the greatest challenge. 

The current trend in facial fillers is a good example. There are many patients who receive fillers and look beautiful, healthy and young, and no one knows what they have had done. On the other hand, there are patients who look distorted and puffy, and this is the result of too much filler injected in the wrong places.  

To achieve the best results, it is paramount to find the right physician to perform your facial and body aesthetic treatments. First, you should have a clear vision of the results you wish to achieve. You can look at magazines, TV and the people you know to find inspiration. Once you have determined your goals, you should seek two opinions and have one to two consultations. 

During your consultations, clearly relay your expectations to the physician. Sharing your inspiration photos also can help. A good physician will work with you to set goals that are realistic and natural. You can ask the physician to describe the results you can expect and share pictures of his or her work that best reflects your potential outcome. This will ensure that your wishes align with the aesthetic vision of that physician. If they match, you have found your physician! 

By approaching your cosmetic treatments this way, you are more likely to achieve a successful outcome –    one that gives you a natural and healthy look. 

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. 
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