The Al Copeland Foundation was created in 2008 from a promise made between a father and his family.  Al Copeland, Sr. struck with Merkel Cell carcinoma (a very rare, aggressive cancer with no FDA treatment available) asked his family to find a cure to the cancer that eventually took his life. 

Almost 11 years later, this promise is carried in the hearts of the Copeland Family—especially Al Copeland, Jr. 

At 12 years of age, Al Jr. started working his way up the business ladder in his father’s company.  He became an assistant manager of Popeye’s Fried Chicken while finishing college and starting his family with his wife, Liz, Thirty-five years of marriage have given this couple a lot of love that includes five daughters, five grandchildren and one more on the way.  They agree that what holds them together is their belief in each other, love for family, passion for business and finding a cure for cancer. 

Al Jr. currently serves as the CEO and Chairman of Al Copeland Investments (ACI), a privately owned, multi-faceted management company.  His chief responsibilities include managing and overseeing the ACI restaurant group, the Copeland’s hotel division and Diversified Food & Seasoning manufacturing plants in addition to other entities.  He also holds a title that is near and dear to his heart, President of the Al Copeland Foundation Advisory Board. 

In less than 11 years, the ACF has made huge advances to fulfill the promise, save lives and expand its mission to include ending all cancers right here at home. 

  • Raised 1.9 million dollars—all proceeds help save lives and end cancer. 
  • Formed the Copeland-LSUHSC Partnership in Viruses, Cancer and Immunotherapy
  • Brought over 13 different Immunotherapy treatments to Louisiana. Immunotherapy uses your body to fight cancer with NO chemo nor radiation.  These treatments include bladder, breast, liver, colon, uterine, kidney, lung and melanoma.
  • Connected 43 patients to local trials.
  • Helped THREE patients become CANCER FREE!

On December 13, 2018 the FDA approved the Merkel Cell treatment to be available to all those fighting for their lives against Merkel cell carcinoma.  Now you and your loved ones can receive this treatment from your doctor in any cancer center across the nation!

Want to be part of the fight to save lives and end cancer right here at home? 

Visit our webpage to sign up to join us for our Golf Fest on April 12 at Beau Chene or our Annual Krewe Du Cure event on April 11 at Copeland Tower.  We also have more fun and exciting events that include Fashion for a Cure, Chicken Jam and #IDIDITFORTHETURKEY coming up.


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