35 million Americans are affected each year by seasonal allergies. As pollen scatters through the air, rhinitis attacks become abundant, causing pain and irritation in the sinuses. 

Rhinitis is inflammation of the mucous lining of the nose. Along with that come itchy eyes and a scratchy throat. All irritating symptoms associated with environmental allergies. One easy, natural remedy that may help you toss out the tissue is making use of a Neti pot.

A Neti pot is a small almost tea-pot shaped device that is filled with saline solution to irrigate the sinuses via each nostril. Once the saline solution enters the sinuses it can help increase the speed and improve the coordination of the tiny hair like structures in the nose, knows as cilia. Cilia help to move mucus to the back of throat or out of the nose. The saline solution helps to break up the mucus so it can exit the sinuses quicker and smoother. Many allege to its effectiveness saying it helps to relive sinus pressure almost immediately. 

This is an easy remedy to get instant allergy relief. It is fairly inexpensive to purchase a Neti pot, and they are easy to find. Nearly all drug stores carry them. Give it a try…all you have to lose is mucous. 

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