By: James Knapp

Vitamin D3 is technically a hormone produced (in active form) by our kidneys to initiate many key functions in the body, such as: absorb calcium for strong bone structure, balance our gut microbiome and improve our immune system’s ability to respond intelligently.  But are we getting enough? Understanding how vitamin D3 functions within our bodies, what we can do to maximize its effectiveness, and how to know if we’re getting the right amount, are all imperative to understand and experience optimal health.

Our bodies receive vitamin D best through our skin, and natural direct sunlight is the ideal source.  30 minutes of sunscreen-free exposure is recommended each day.  For longer exposure, a day at the beach for example, then a natural Zinc Oxide based sunscreen should be applied.  However, finding 30 minutes a day in the sun isn’t always easy.  Alternative solutions include topical/transdermal D3 applications, intended to absorb directly through the skin, or oral supplements such as Michael’s Naturopathic Vitamin D3 + K2 at 5,000 IU.

Why the vitamin K2? The inclusion of K2 is important when considering higher doses of Vitamin D because it enables our bodies to synthesize the D3.  Without K2, and at higher doses of Vitamin D3, we are putting ourselves at risk for further calcification, which would create more problems than it solves.  This information is important to note because, with K2 as an active ingredient, Vitamin D3 becomes more effective to take in larger doses when needed.  We generally recommend 5,000 – 10,000 IU per day but remember each person’s circumstances and unique biochemistry differ.  

Our bodies are complex organisms; hence homeostasis (balance) is required to experience and maintain optimal health and well-being.  Does this process have to be complicated? No.  Spend time in the sun, eat organic vitamin D rich foods, and supplement properly to ensure you’re receiving the right amount of D3 to keep your body strong and healthy for many more sunny days ahead.  

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