Native to Morocco and referred to as ‘liquid gold’ by a little newspaper called The New York Times, argan oil is the latest all-natural product you must try this season. Derived from a nut, this oil is packed with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that are fantastic for ones skin, hair and overall health without containing crazy, toxin-filled chemicals in it. 

The process of how argan oil is made is interesting as well. Local Berber women hand-crack the argan nuts in between two stones, a technique they’ve used for centuries, and instead of using any type of machine they individually extract the nut from the hard shell, hand-grind it in a stone grinder, hand-knead it for hours and then cold-press it into the oil. This labor-intense process makes argan oil extremely valuable and sets it apart from the rest of the oils out there. 

 So now that you know the process and what makes it, in my opinion, better than the rest, let’s talk a bit about why your skin and hair absolutely needs such an enriched product. 

1. It’s great for moisturizing. Despite the fact that oil is in the name, argan oil is actually relatively dry and is great for providing moisture to your skin. Use it at night and wake up with super silky, soft skin. 

2. If you’re prone to acne, this oil may be your new best friend! It reduces sebum levels in individuals with oily skin, helping to clear up and prevent future breakouts. 

3. Argan oil is ideal to help heal wounds and scars so you can totally use it on those pesky razor bumps and burns and even those annoying little stretch marks. 

4. Smooth hair is just a few drops of argan oil away! Adding into wet hair works wonders as a leave-in conditioner that will have everyone jealous of your silky locks all day long. 

5. Argan oil helps to strengthen nails and soften cuticles, so next time you give yourself a mani-pedi, don’t forget to add the oil. 

6. This one is my favorite! You can use argan oil to brighten up your skin simply by adding it into your foundation, moisturizer or bronzer. Simple, easy and glowing!

If you are looking to enhance your natural beauty regimens, this is a great natural product that offers many benefits!

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