Wether you are a corporation or a small mom and pop business, your work team must learn to work together.  If you’re looking for a way to build a more cohesive work team through fun, creative experiences, consider Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy’s one-of-a-kind, team building exercises.           

Using one canvas, your team will learn to communicate, trust one another and use time management effectively to complete a single painting.  In the beginning, everyone feels a little vulnerable, but by the end of the project, everyone will discover new things about themselves as well as the individuals on their team.  

Owner and Art Instructor at Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy, owner and art instructor, Elizabeth Impastato says, “When I used to work night shifts, I needed to know how to organize, manage my time, to do things alone as well as with others and went to ask for help. The painting is an opportunity to learn your communication style and how to express your needs with each person in the group.”  The result isn’t just a beautiful piece of art displayed at your place of business, but a constant reminder of the team’s collaboration and deeper understanding of one another.  

Although others have tried, she is the only one that offers this type of creative team workshop successfully.  “After 14 years of pharmaceutical sales, you learn how to build strong teams.  I merged that experience with art, keeping a business framework in mind,” she says.  Elizabeth customizes her team building workshops for every type of company, depending on their needs.  But these workshop skills go beyond the office.  “You take team building into every aspect of your life, not just business,” she says.  “You need a healthy work-life balance.” 

As a small business owner, Elizabeth Impastato cares about the people and businesses in her community.  Like small moving parts, she believes we must all work together to build a strong society.  “People are more powerful when they work together, even small businesses.  I am a small business, so I understand exactly how important this is. I believe in team building that uses strong communication and working with other local business to accomplish goals together for our community.” 

To set up a team building workshop, schedule a special event or take an individual art class, you can reach Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy at
985-778-5338 or visit them at CHENIER MARKET PLACE today at 1901 US  190 STE 28 Mandeville, LA. 70448

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