Today, at age 53, Tara Gesling aspires to inspire!  Diagnosed with numerous illnesses including late stage Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy,  Chronic Pain Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autoimmune Thyroid Disease, and Fibromyalgia, Gesling found herself wheelchair dependent and up against a wall at the age of 28.  Thirteen daily medications prescribed to soothe her symptoms only worsened them and provoked new ones.   Pre-internet and  WebMD, Tara turned to “primitive” research, pouring over medical journals after making a decision to fight the hand she was dealt, ultimately overcoming despair, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

17834-TaraGeslingToday Ms. Gesling, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and motivational speaker, enjoys healthier living.  “I am in a place where I can enjoy my life again,” she says.  “Food is powerful, but it’s not just about food,” Gesling advised recently.  “It’s about removing stressors from your life, both external and internal.  Always trust your instincts.  You know your body better than anyone,” she cautioned.  Through a developing understanding of food, cleansing, and the body’s role and function, she has reversed many symptoms though some damage remains permanent.  Gesling, who supports local farmers and raises seventy percent of her own food, watches what she puts into her body now.

Through her business, Cultivating Health, Tara is planning healthy coaching groups and individual programming which equates to healthier lifestyles; a benefit some employees now reap through their employers as insurance companies begin offering incentives for such programs.   

180wellnessAuthor of The 180º Wellness Revolution, Tara is now working on a second book that will guide and educate others to grow and cultivate healthy foods.  Her hope is that others will be encouraged to rebuild their health by changing habits and making better choices.  At a point in her life that Tara describes as grateful, she admits that she is more appreciative than she’s ever been before.  “I love my life and I cherish every moment,” she said.  Find more information at

By Amy Wagner

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