By Elizabeth Impastato

The new school year usually helps get families back into a more predictable pattern.  This usually means every day of the week is booked with after-school activities for the children.  The carpool rides and bus stops are full of parents waiting with their children.  The week is full of hurry up and wait for the parents.

In the workplace, parents know how to work as a team to get a project done.  The same concept can help families during the busy school year.  Each person plays a role in the family every day.  How do you avoid BURNOUT for each family member on your team?  What can parents do to keep the momentum rolling in a positive direction?

It is important for parents to spend quality time together.  Set aside a time and day each week to stay connected with each other outside of the children.  Parents need to have individual quality time, some call “ME TIME!”  The amount of time spent during the week with each other and separately can be as little as three hours.  The goal is to take small breaks from the fast-paced week.

Try something new during your time together.


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