By:Dr. Aaron Dutruch

It’s no secret that the majority of Americans struggle with their weight. It’s a pandemic in and of itself, and one that we can’t seem to get ahead of.

For Lisa Farrell, her journey has been filled with the kind of lows that left her feeling defeated and doubted. But through her resilient nature she has continued to prioritize her health physically, and more importantly, mentally. Her struggle transcends the traditional boundaries of simply losing weight. It’s a testament to her strength, mental fortitude and vulnerability. 

“I was one of those people who tried every known diet, and perceived myself unrealistically by thinking I was fatter than I was, and smaller than I was. I worked out on and off, but the damage was done psychologically by beating myself up,” Farrell said. “Do that a few times, no big deal. Do that over decades, and it’s a major issue.”

Gaining control over your mindset is an invaluable tool when overcoming an obstacle. The stories we tell ourselves shape the way we react to the situations we encounter. Recognizing the power of this is the first step towards regaining control of our mental well-being and emotional outlook. 

“Since I began this journey, a lot of things have changed, but mostly my mindset. I’m addressing issues that previously caused my efforts to achieve temporary, and not lasting success. I’m being assertive when addressing people in my life who love me, but always seem to undermine my success. I’ve realized the physical changes are the easy part; you have to deal with the emotional ones for the change to become an integrated part of your life.”

These changes might seem small, or unimportant in the moment. But understanding how changing your narrative can resonate throughout your life is a special tool. Be it for weight loss, like Lisa, or for achieving any goal you set your mind to. Zooming out to show yourself some love will go a long way. 

“Anyone would be pleased with 52 pounds gone forever in only 15 weeks. I’m moving more freely and with less pain. I’m fitting into clothes that really didn’t fit before. I’m excited, and can’t wait to be able to buy and wear things I never dreamed I would be able to. It means I’m going to be able to do things I haven’t done in years and enjoy them. I am finding Lisa again!” Ferrell exclaimed. Her words full of joy and infectious optimism.  

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