By Christian Dischler

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.

From childhood we’re likened to snowflakes.  Unique creations destined to stand apart from the rest.  But it’s a poor analogy.  At best, our fingerprints alone are the snowflakes of our bodies, and the rest can be considered an ever-changing atmosphere; capable of creating life, experiencing destruction and responding with regeneration.  If each of us is a unique ecosystem, then it’s important to take care of the natural forces within us if we want to get in touch with our true nature.

James Knapp has spent the last decade exploring these natural forces and the complexities surrounding the world of health.  And much like medicine’s godfather Hippocrates, Knapp believes the key to unlocking our potential lies in natural simplicity.

“Health and well-being do not have to be complicated.  Yet it’s become very complex in our nation this day and age.  At Sacred Earth we’re trying to create some balance by intentionally going back to the basics.  Back to nature,” said Knapp, a Mandeville native and resident.

Founded in 2019 by Knapp and his wife Mel, Sacred Earth is the Northshore’s premier health food store and educational event center.  By combining their knowledge of natural supplements and cold-pressed juice, Emerge Juice, they have created a comprehensive, alternative health solution for Louisiana residents.  “We saw the need for this in our community, and we went all in,” said Knapp.

“Louisiana is arguably one of the unhealthiest states in the country.  We are in the heart of cancer alley, and what we choose to eat is often detrimental to our health, and specifically for our gut microbiome.  It’s not a popular experience where people have an intimate relationship with their body and how it operates.  It’s also popular thinking that when you have a medical issue, you go to the medical industry.  And although they have their place, again, it’s time to get back to the basics.”

Sacred Earth is founded on the fundamental understanding that by investigating our body’s needs and deficiencies from a comprehensive standpoint, we can discover and treat the root problems.  If we’re experiencing symptoms, the tendency can be to reach for the pill bottle.  Knapp’s mission is to give people reason to think twice about that.  Instead, he wants his patrons to become educated on their unique biological makeup, target their specific needs and take the steps to feel better naturally.

“All the answers to the questions of health and well-being are in the field of biology.  Nature, in other words.  You have to understand how the body and its various systems operate in order to work with it well.  Specifically, the gut microbiome, the foundation of the immune system.  What do we know about the gut and the microbiome?  It has a microbiota, which is an ecosystem of bacteria, parasites, protozoa, viruses and fungi.  What we know is that the more diverse this ecosystem is, the stronger and healthier the individual will be.  This is a direct reflection of nature, which is also filled to the brim with bacteria, viruses and fungi,” Knapp said, gesturing as if to encompass the world.

He’s right.  The same microorganisms that keep this planet alive, keep us alive.  To turn a blind eye to such powerful knowledge is counter-productive.  Yet it’s a perpetual problem.  So, what’s the first step towards achieving what Knapp refers to as “homeostasis”?

“Our primary service is our supplement consulting program, where I analyze blood work or hormone panels to really get a good look at whatever complex issues are occurring in the body.  The more info, the better.  What’s unique about this program is that we look at the entire individual’s life.  I’ll ask many questions about your family history, medical history, sleep patterns and even your astrological chart, because it provides psychological insight.”

Building that foundation, specifically for your distinct biology, can be a watershed moment in reclaiming your health.  Another core principle is managing one’s toxicity, stress and mental disposition. 

“Homeostasis for everyone is unique, because everyone’s stress and toxic levels are different.  No one is the same.  Often times a person’s ‘biography is their biology’, a phrase coined by Caroline Myss.  What you tell yourself about you is what ends up manifesting on a physical level.  If the body is too stressed and toxic, it’s not going to be able to regenerate effectively.  Then we’re tired, fatigued, anxious.  The approach here is you have to give your body the fundamental resources, vitamins, nutrients, minerals and rest—so that it can regenerate the way it’s meant to.  Bio-diversity is bio-security.”  Knapp explained, his words teeming with life.

“People are tired of being tired, of taking poor advice from professionals utilizing a narrow approach.  We want to help you help yourself, and have fun doing it.  To educate and help people realize that being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.”

“Because at the end of the day when you help someone else, you’re helping yourself.  If you look at the biology of any ecosystem, everything is helping everything.  When you embrace that with intention, good things happen.”

Sacred Earth provides a hand-picked selection of health foods and supplements with an emphasis on pure ingredients.  As well as organic cold-pressed juice, a mineralized alkaline water well, local vendors and a wellness consultation program with affordable rates. 

You can schedule a consultation by calling (985) 778-2323 or give James and Mel a visit at 310 Dalwill Dr. in Mandeville to chat about your health needs.  The duo will also be releasing a podcast soon, called “Exposing Wellness: A Paradigm Shift”.

“Health and well-being do not have to be complicated.  Yet it’s become very complex in our nation this day and age.”

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