By Annie Franklin

Do you have an inward curve between your lower hips and outer thighs?  Those are hip dips, also referred to as “violin hips”, and you aren’t alone.  Hip dips are mostly determined by genetics, but exercises that build the gluteus medius muscle can fill in some of that space to lessen their appearance.  If you find yourself frustrated with your hip dips, try some of the following exercises. 


1. Side Plank Leg Raises
A simple exercise that targets the side of the pelvis.  Lie on your side with your knees straight.  Prop your upper body up on your elbow and forearm.  (A) From the side plank position, lift your top knee toward your chest.  (B) Do three sets of 20 reps on each side.

2. Standing Lateral Leg Raises
Standing lateral leg raises target the outer thigh and hip muscles as well as the whole gluteal area.  (A) Stand with your feet shoulder length apart, place your left hand on your hip and raise your right hand upwards.  (B) In one motion raise your right leg to the side and reach toward your toe with your right hand.  Maintain a controlled motion and engage your glutes while keeping your left hand on your hip for balance.  (C) Return to the starting position and switch sides.  (D) Raise your left leg to the side and reach toward your toes with your left hand, engage glutes while keeping your right hand on your hip.  Do three sets of 10 reps on each side.

3. Side Lunges
Side lunges target the whole gluteal region, especially the side of the hips.  Take a wide-legged stance.  Keeping your back straight, shift your weight to the right and bend the right knee, then squeeze your glutes as you come back up in a controlled motion.  For a total body workout, draw your arms up and out above your head with each lunge and engage your core.  Repeat on the other side to complete one rep.  Do one set of 20 on each side.

4.  Wide-Legged Squats
This exercise targets your entire thigh and hips.  (A) Start in a standing position with a manageable weight in both hands held in front of your pelvis.  (B) Increase the width of your stance to a wide-legged position, turn your feet outward in a 45 degree angle and slowly squat as low as you can while holding the weight in a stationary position.  Squeeze your glutes when you come up, keep your back straight and your head in a neutral position.  Complete three sets of 10 reps.

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