By Liz McGehee

There’s a reason why celebrities like Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Elizabeth Taylor, Nicole Kidman, Olivia Wilde and Barbra Streisand have all flocked to Escondido, California. 

Surrounded by 600 acres of land and over 30 miles of hiking trails, Golden Door Spa & Resort is a one of a kind wellness retreat that helps you unplug from the stress of everyday life, rediscover yourself and reach your personal goals.

If you want to achieve the perfect balance between mind, body and spirit, look no further.  Golden Door helps you reach your goals with individualized fitness, spa and nutrition programs. If you get bored at the gym or simply want to try something new, guided hikes, yoga, Pilates, TRX, barre, archery, golf, boot camp, private training sessions and mountain biking are just a few of the many activities offered.

During the seven-day retreat, guests receive a daily massage along with spa treatments.  Smooth and firm body brushing, mani-pedis, customized facials, reflexology, deep tissue massage and reiki healing are just a few of the many spa options offered. Workout enthusiasts can also take over 40 fitness classes.

Get a taste of Japanese Zen without the day-long travel. The Asian-inspired grounds, which include koi ponds, bamboo forest and a Japanese honjin inn design, nourish the spirit. Golden Door even provides a daily wardrobe, Yakuta Japanese robes and workout clothes, so pack light.

Expect fresh, eco-friendly, farm to table nutrition that will leave you feeling full and healthy during your stay. The spa also offers cooking lessons, meals alongside a nutritionist and private nutrition sessions that give you the tools to make empowering choices after you leave.

If you need more incentive to head West, the resort donates 100 percent of net profits to Forensic Health Services located in Escondido. Forensic Health Services is the critical first step for child victims of abuse.

“The center provides a critical service to children and adults who need every opportunity for physical, mental and emotional health support from our community,” says Kathy Van Ness, general manager and chief operating officer of Golden Door.

By allowing you to empower others as you empower yourself, Golden Door’s rare philanthropic business model creates a wellness retreat you can’t help but feel good about.

To learn more about Golden Door or book your stay, visit or call (888) 979-5072.
Where777 Deer Springs Rd, San Marcos, CA, 92069
Average Cost: $8,850


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