Plant a few rose bushes this spring and you are on the way to beautiful, glowing skin with make-it-yourself rose water.

Since the days of King Arthur, rose water has been used as a culinary ingredient, an essential in many fragrances, and as a natural cosmetic.

Your face can feel smooth, silky and delicate with regular rose water use – and you can make it yourself for pennies. A cleanser, toner, a very gentle astringent, and moisturizer, rose water stimulates facial skin and other areas of the body for glowing natural beauty. Filled with anti-oxidants and vitamins, the flower-based liquid provides nourishment to the skin and minimizes signs of aging. It is also known to soothe irritated or sensitive skin, cleanse oily skin, and has natural revitalizing effects.

You can purchase rose water – be sure to buy 100 percent pure, not synthetic or with added preservatives – or find it as an ingredient in a variety of beauty products. Making it yourself however, is easy, fun, and your kitchen will smell delightful during the process. It will take you a little more than a half an hour to make up to a quart of rose water.

By Patricia Danflous



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