claymaskThis super easy, very affordable DIY skin treatment can terminate toxins, banish yucky black heads, eradicate acne, and heal unsightly rashes in an instant!

What is this amazing wonder remedy? It’s bentonite clay. This all-natural product, derived from ancient volcanic ash, can be used both internally and topically. Bentonite is not a new trend sweeping Hollywood. It has actually been used by the dazzling Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt and used in Grecian spas for centuries. So, what’s the secret behind this legendary healing clay? Bentonite contains negatively charged ions, meaning positively charged ions (toxins, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc.) are attracted to them. These havoc-wreaking, positively charged ions, are bound, captured and deported from the body almost instantly. This process does double duty. Not only does it sweep the skin and body clean, it helps carry oxygen and increase blood circulation.

This all-natural product has multiple uses with many-fold benefits. It is fairly inexpensive and very easy to use. Give bentonite clay a try and start healing your body from the inside out. Many people take a whole approach to healing skin by using bentonite internally, too. Read specific product recommendations, or consult a professional to learn how this is done.

*Bentonite clay is a medicinal product and should be used with care and caution. For safe use, use in accordance with instructions. Always consult a healthcare professional to assess your individual needs.

Topical Uses

  •  Kills bacteria
  •  Treats eczema & psoriasis
  •  Treats acne
  •  Removes dead skin cells (exfoliates)
  •  Rehydrates and tones skin
  •  Cleanses skin
  •  Reduces sebum
  •  Shrinks & tightens pores
  •  Removes toxins and pathogens from skin
  •  Reducing the appearance of scars

Internal Uses

  •  Removes toxic metals and chemicals following radiation treatments
  •  Promotes healthy bacteria in the digestive system
  •  Supports liver detoxification
  •  Helps colon cleansing
  •  Boosts immune system
  •  Whitens teeth, reduces tartar

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