By Courtney Farnet

Your booty is the largest and strongest muscle in your body.

The gluteal muscles assist with maintaining balance and posture. They allow you to stand, climb stairs, walk uphill and rotate your legs inward or outward. The following exercises shape and tone all three muscles of the booty and can be done with or without equipment. Complete two to four sets of 12 to 15 reps per exercise. Repeat two to four times per week to reveal your beautiful booty.


A) Stand with feet hip-distance apart and toes turned slightly out.

B) Sit back, keeping weight on heels and stopping hips just above knee line.


Side Kick

A) Stand with feet hip-distance apart. If using a bench, place one foot on the edge of the bench and the other foot

on the floor.

B) Sit, keeping weight on heels and stopping hips just above knee line.

C) Stand and lift one leg to the side, keeping the knee facing forward.

Bulgarian Split Squat

A) Set up a lunge position with back foot on a bench or step.

B) Lunge, keeping the front knee over the ankle and bringing front thigh parallel to floor.

Hip Bridge

A) Lie face up with knees bent and feet hip distance apart.

B) Push through heels and lift hips toward ceiling.

Side Lying Leg Lifts

A) Lie on one side with legs stacked and toes facing forward. Support head with hand. 

B) Lift top leg and lower. Keep toes facing forward.

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