By Whitney Alexandra

Sometimes the world around us can seem chaotic. Our non-stop lives are filled with crazy work weeks, yoga sessions, coffee dates and finding time for dinner. When life seems a little unbalanced, it’s important to find ways to bring harmony back into your life — and eco-friendly fashion can help!

One of the greatest gifts of fashion is that it can set our mood, tone and vibe, simply by what we are wearing that day. Using fashion to create a zen vibe is a fantastic way to add a little bit of balance into your day. Plus, spring is a great time to refocus and start dressing for the life you want to live.

The simplest way to achieve a calming effect with your outfit is by simply wearing white. According to the famous spiritual leader Yogi Bhajan, “Wearing white clothing from top to bottom can increase your aura up to three times” — and people with a strong aura tend to remain steady and calm. White is also associated with the reflection of light, cleanliness and peace, so this is the state-of-mind you can achieve when you wear this color.

Oxford-style shirts, which are the craze now, and not just for suits and professional wear. Now you can make them hip and edgy by pairing with cutoffs, wearing a short-sleeved version with matching white pants, or keeping it chic, yet casual, by pairing a long-sleeved button-up, untucked with a fabulous pair of jeans.  If you really want comfort and ease, wear a white button-up dress, which is absolutely perfect for spring.

Creating effortless balance in your clothing is simple, and it’s an easy way to set a peaceful mood for your day ahead. 

For casual, sustainable pieces, I recommend shopping Synergy Clothing ( If you want to be on the trendy side and a little more fashion-forward, Study NY ( also offers sustainable styles to fit your needs. 

Stylist: Whitney Alexandra   |   Photos: Bri Johnson   |   Model: Marcelle & Anya Lesun (Q Model Management)   |   Hair & Makeup: LB Charles

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