Glorianna Bourg is a busy wife and mother. While she has always been health conscious, the goings on of life and a busy schedule began to detract her from her fitness routine and sensible diet. As happens to many people, one pound turns into two and extra weight begins to accumulate.

HER INSPIRATION: Glorianna being the devoted mother that she is made up her mind to be her healthiest so she can keep up with her five year old son. She wanted to encourage health in her family by not only saying it but doing it herself.

HER PLAN: She used portion control as her tool of choice and carefully planned her meals to include fruits, veggies and whole grains. She found a new love for running and each day she would run alongside her son as he rode his bike.

HER RESULTS: Despite her busy life and a thyroid disorder, Glorianna lost forty pounds within 5 short months. She looks and feels amazing. Now she wears size 6 jeans instead of size 12, and she runs miles a day while her son
bikes beside her. Glorianna’s story is not uncommon. When you make up your mind, have a clear goal in mind and consistently stick to it; you can accomplish anything!




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