Calming, Cooling Kale

Spinach on your teeth could create an embarrassing moment at the dinner table, but kale on YOUR face may initiate a conversation about your younger, softer look. The superfood, recognized as one of the most nutrient-enriched greens, is now a leading ingredient in products ranging from skin-brightening serums to nail polish and body lotions.

As one of the components in Eminence Organics relatively new Citrus and Kale anti-aging line, kale extract helps to boost collagen formation, reduce inflammation and redness, and minimize visible aging signs. It may also help to prevent additional signs of aging and smells good, too, with a hint of lemon and avocado.

Based on the powerful antioxidant benefits of the super green food, kale enriched products are combined with vitamins and other food extracts to produce the trendy cosmetics which could be as good for you on the outside as well as the inside. Try Eminence for your skin and for stronger nails, experiment with the Nailkale line – available in several colors in addition to green.

Eating a cup of kale is an outstanding choice for your inner and outer beauty. Kale’s vitamin A softens your skin and its vitamin C is good for building collagen. You will also find vitamin K, which helps moisturize, and the leafy green is also rich in calcium for strong bones and good posture.

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