Summer is here, and there is much to celebrate. The school year is over, which means less traffic and more time to spend with your kids. You may be planning a vacation, which certainly is cause for celebration. If you are, you may want to plan a visit for an aesthetic treatment. There are new products and procedures offered by skincare and aesthetic companies that can make you look more beautiful and feel better! 

Volbella, Vollure, Restylane Defyne and Restylane Refyne are products that enhance facial features while maintaining a natural look. Another new procedure – temporary sutures – is successfully reducing wrinkles and lifting faces and body parts. These products and procedures, when used correctly, help patients look more youthful. The key to achieving that all-important natural look is to visit a physician or extender who is board certified and trained in aesthetic or plastic surgery treatments. 

Skincare products such as C E Ferulic and H.A. Intensifier, produced by SkinCeuticals,    

protect skin from the ravages of oxidants, enhance the skin and promote healthy aging. These powerful serums along with sunscreen and smart sun sense will enable you to enjoy the benefits of living in South Florida and keep you looking younger. 

New lasers and minimally invasive procedures continue to be discovered. The good news is, they are becoming more financially reasonable and, thus, more attainable. The key to finding your happy place when it comes to cosmetic treatments is to find a physician who offers a plethora of options. Make this a summer to celebrate! 

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner at Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. For more information, email, call 305-595-2969, visit or follow Dr. Wolf on Instagram.

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