Cells make up the basic building blocks of all life. Healthy cells mean a healthy body; cells clogged with toxins or in disrepair from poor diet and exercise may lead to disease, illness, and other serious health problems. The right diet can repair and rejuvenate cells throughout the body.

[item title=”How Cell Construction and Reconstruction Work“]

Supporting healthy cells means getting the right kinds of vitamins and nutrients that cells can use as raw materials to keep their structures intact. Whole grains are excellent sources of cell nutrients, because they contain the proteins and micronutrients that cells use to generate energy. Whole grains, as well as olives and avocadoes, are good sources of vitamin E, an important cell protector.

Cells are encased and protected by a durable – but also permeable – casing called the membrane. Cellular membranes are made largely of fat, so it’s important to ingest the right kinds of fat in order to build healthier, more resilient membranes. Eating non-saturated fats, especially the Omega-3 fatty acid, ensures your cells’ membranes stay in good shape. Saturated fats and trans-fats make less durable raw material, meaning the cell grows more susceptible to collapse or malfunction. You can add more omega-3 to your diet by including flax seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, or chia seeds to your diet. These can be added to smoothies or oatmeal to boost the nutritional value.

[item title=”Vegetables Are Rich in Important Cell Building Blocks“]Cruciferous vegetables, including lettuce, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, include rich deposits of the chemical known as brassinin, which helps support cell growth and development. Cooked tomatoes, rich in the nutrient lycopene, make another great source of cellular fuel. Lycopene is also found in watermelons, carrots, and papayas.[/item]
[item title=”How to Rebuild Cellular Health“]Some recent evidence suggests that prolonged fasting can speed the body’s efforts to replace and repair damaged or decayed cells within the immune system. Depriving the body of nutrients compels the body to trigger stem cells into a process of self-renewal, bringing the immune system into a better working order. The process offers hope to cancer patients struggling to recover from the side effects of chemotherapy. Remember, If you choose to fast, it should be done in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a health/medical professional. ν[/item]


By Michael Kabel

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