By Whitney Alexandra

2017 is the year of wellness.  It’s the time when women are focusing on themselves and embracing a relaxed, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  Fashion plays a tremendous roll in this. Women now want laidback, comfortable clothing that’s easy to wear, yet stylish.  California-based clothing store LA Relaxed offers just that.  Featured in ‘O’ Magazine, this sustainable fashion brand offers styles for any age, and we got the inside scope from the brand itself, see what the owner, Dana had to say!  
Q: What inspired you to create an eco-friendly fashion brand?

A: Witnessing the detrimental impacts our industry has on the planet, combined with our love for fashion and embracing the art of manufacturing, we knew that it was time to show consumers that you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability. 

Q: What sets your brand apart from other eco-friendly brands on the market? 

A: We pride ourselves on working with local mills to create new blends of eco-friendly fabrics and fibers that you won’t find elsewhere.  We’re also part of a small percentage of brands that are manufactured in the US. 

Q: How do you encourage women to celebrate themselves and their style through fashion?

A: The LA Relaxed woman is a mother, sister, daughter, CEO, philanthropist, etc.  She is anything and everything she wants to be.  We hope that our timeless pieces help women express themselves not only through fashion but by doing what’s right for the environment.

Q: LA Relaxed is the perfect mix of fashion and comfort, what inspired you to create a brand that is effortless, yet stylish?

A: Being a sustainable fashion brand isn’t just about the fabrics the garments are made of. It’s also being on trend without being “fast fashion.”  We create clothing that is stylish, but that women can wear for years to come.

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Stylist: Whitney Alexandra   |   Photos: Bri Johnson   |   Model: Lara McGrath-  Muse Models
Hair & Makeup: LB Charles



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