By Shirin Mehdi

2020!  There’s just something about the ring it has to it?

One steps into spring with renewed hope, anticipating the very best to unfold for them. It’s like it allows you to start afresh–each spring brings new fashions and new trends.  With new trends come new colors.  the Pantone color of the year 2020 resembles the beautiful sky at dusk–classic blue.

Let’s rewind to the Pantone color of the year 2000–cerulean blue–the classic blue 20 years later is a continuation of that (or a symbol of life coming a full circle) as we stand at a crossroad yet again, wondering where life is going, or what’s next?

Classic blue is so familiar–it is easy and relatable.  It is a special color and so appropriate for where we stand right now (owing to the political, economic, and environmental climate around the world.)–it is a timeless shade that isn’t confined to gender.  It is easily accessible, there is nothing very fancy about it, it suits everyone and yet it is regal. 

Classic blue stands for trust and dependability.  That is exactly what humanity needs right now–faith, calm and confidence.

Whether you choose to wear it or surround yourself with it, this lovely shade of blue must be incorporated into your life this year (you can even consider eating blue foods, that have great benefits for an improved immune system).

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