Color Psychology How To Wear Color To Help You Handle Your Emotions

By Bridget Webber

You need not be a psychologist to recognize that color affects your emotions.  It strengthens and deepens what you feel or alters your mood.  When you know how colors influence you, you can wear colored clothes to help you handle your emotions.  They will boost a gentle mood or enhance positivity, mindfulness, relaxation or confidence.

Pale purple and light blue increase feelings of gentleness.  Deep purple sometimes increases sadness unless linked with calming spirituality.  Children enjoy purple, and you might benefit from wearing it if you are a parent, teacher, or nanny who wants to come across as gentle.  Pink is useful when you want to boost gentleness, too.  People associate pink with sweetness and compassion, and it enhances tranquility.

Grounding green is stable, reassuring and natural.  Green enhances feelings of safety and freshness, is linked with health and is a terrific color if you are unwell.

Brown helps when you want to support and reassure people, conveying generosity and warm feelings.  Brown also aids stability and security.  Wear brown and green together to promote mindfulness of environmental issues.

Blue will relax you, reduce agitation and boost serenity.  People often associate calming blue with relief and freedom.  Combine several blue shades for maximum benefits.  Warm pink or deep sunshine yellow, rather than energizing bright yellow, will increase a mellow, laid-back mood.

Orange and yellow lift the spirits and enhance a positive mood.  A daffodil-yellow jacket or accessory will increase optimism and help you see the bright side of life.  Don an orange shirt or include orange another way in your outfit to boost your enthusiasm.  It may also increase courage and sociability.

Red clothes increase dynamism and passion.  Red also makes you stand out and get noticed.  Too much red, though, creates anger.  If you are anxious or annoyed already, but want more confidence, wear a calm color like blue, teamed with a red accessory.  Navy blue will increase your confidence when you aim to inspire trust and loyalty or inject sophistication into your outfit. 

Incorporate color into your closet with clothes, shoes and accessories.  Belts, scarves and simple accessories, like colored hats and lapel pins, will add color to outfits.  Thinking about your clothing color choices will help you handle your emotions.

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