By Amber Arevalos

s a pet owner, nothing is more important than the happiness and comfort of your pet.  We often spoil our fur babies throughout their lives.  They become part of our family and our daily routine.  We invest time, love, patience and ourselves to care and protect our pets; as if they are our children.  But like all living beings in life, our pets’ lifespans aren’t forever.  Losing a pet is never easy and can be one of life’s most challenging difficulties. Coping with this pain doesn’t have to be impossible. Here’s what to expect when searching for peace after loss.

Grieving is the first phase we face when we lose our pets.  Our heart feels broken, and we may feel like nothing can replace the feelings and emotion our pet has given us.  The unconditional love a pet provides is difficult to replace, and may never be restored to its exact degree.  It is a shared feeling amongst the family, but it is also a necessity to heal fully.  Sadness, loneliness, devastation, and emptiness are all normal feelings.

Coping with the loss of a pet comes in time.  It takes acceptance and patience with yourself.  Losing your companion can be a big hurdle to overcome. Reaching out to a family member or loved one can be very therapeutic.  There are also hotlines you can call designated to those who have lost their pet.  Finding comfort within the family unit and leaving room for other members to discuss their feelings can also help with the healing process.

The most crucial point is to remember your pet and the great things you shared.  Continue to live your active lifestyle by sticking to the daily walks you use to take with your pet.  Try new activities like swimming, aerobics, or even a sport exercise that keeps you positive. We will never forget our pet, but it is helpful to find ways to occupy all the time we devoted to our pet’s care.

Take your time in getting a new pet.  You may be tempted to try and fill that void with a new pet, but waiting until we are healed may ensure we can invest all that we gave our last pet. There is nothing that can replace your beloved pet.  Your emotions and feelings should not be understated by others who do not understand.  Keep in mind this is a process.  The way you feel is common.  You aren’t alone, will get through this and you will find peace. 

The most crucial point is to remember your pet and the great things you shared.

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