Are you unhappy with your nose? Do friends and family tell you that you look tired? Are there parts of your body that make you feel uncomfortable no matter how hard you work out? Plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments may help you feel empowered and decrease your insecurities.   

With modern treatments and safe surgical interventions, the power of plastic surgery is all about you. These treatments begin with skincare and skin peels that make your skin glow and appear more youthful. Facial fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma, all of which are hyaluronic acids, help rejuvenate and fill an aging and deflated face. Other fillers available for the same purpose include Radiesse and Sculptra. If your children or loved ones ask you if you’re angry, Botox and Dysport can help get rid of that scowl. Looking fresher and more youthful empowers you to have a better and happier day.

If surgery is necessary, modern day plastic surgery is very safe when performed by a Board-certified doctor in a certified facility or hospital. Surgeries that empower patients include rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty (eye surgery) and breast surgery. Mommy makeovers, which include breast, tummy and liposuction surgery, help moms feel ready to face the world after having and raising their children. 

There are multiple other surgical procedures along with non-invasive procedures that can help you feel better and renew your confidence so you can be more productive. I find it a privilege to be part of this renewed empowerment, and I enjoy watching my patients thrive following their procedures and treatments.

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner at Miami Plastic Surgery and is Board certified. For more information, email, call 305-595-2969, visit or follow Dr. Wolf on Instagram.

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