By Rebecca Gutnecht

The season for pop and color and pizazz is here.  Hallows’ Eve is right around the corner, and it’s time to bring out your wild side.  Instead of thinking of the holiday in simple terms of costuming, generate a new vibe of creating an alter ego.  Step into a character, a personality, anyone you want to be for one night.  Sure, a witch, vampire, or cat are great, but how about expanding your creative juices a smidge? 

Here are a few suggestions to boggle the mind.  Picture a 1970’s hippie dressed in a long skirt, psychedelic colors and floral headband.  Or a Marilyn Monroe lookalike: perfectly coiffed hair, red lips, white frilly dress and the iconic mole to match.  Mad scientist?  Get a little wild with a white trench coat, crazy-colored hair, and a pair of glasses to complete the look.  The point is to have fun, go all out and let yourself enjoy a night of mystery. 

Only problem?  The budget is tight and there just isn’t enough time to create an entire costume from scratch.  The solution lies in your innate creativity!  There’s no need for expensive outfits and time-consuming projects.  Here’s a secret: check out your local thrift stores to find affordable costume pieces.  A plethora of outfits from various decades all combined into one store.  You honestly never know what you will find.  All of the above items from the characters listed could be in a thrift store.  If you haven’t gone yet, give it a whirl. 

If you happen to be stuck on a particular item, online shopping is a great resource.  Instead of buying a high-end pair of glasses at a fashion boutique, you can easily track down something similar online.  As a last resort, your local craft store will do the job.  Buttons, generic t-shirts, and assortments of materials are at your beck and call. 

Whatever you do, have fun and make Halloween your party! 

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