On top of coping with a life threatening disease, many breast cancer patients have to contend with total hair loss, lumpectomies, mastectomies (surgical removal of the breast), possible sexual identity issues, and intimacy concerns.  A breast cancer diagnosis can be devastating—but, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, many are calling cancer their guru. Like a faithful teacher, cancer is showing women how to be strong, embrace healthy living, and live life to the fullest. Cover girl, Kayle Martin, learned to turn her feelings of being overwhelmed into positive, useful energy. Kayle was determined to give cancer the boot by forging ahead with her cowgirl mentality. For Kayle, a big part of being a cowgirl is the attitude. Growing up riding horses on a farm in rural Northern California, she had always been taught that if she fell off her horse she had to get right back on.  A cowgirl spirit is branded with courage. They make no excuses and face life head on. So, after wiping the tears from her cheeks, armed with her indomitable cowgirl spirit, Kayle decided to grab cancer by the horns, one faith-filled day at a time.

In addition to chemotherapy, radiation, and a unilateral mastectomy (5 surgeries total), Kayle’s very first step was changing her diet. Kayle, a long time vegetarian, cleaned up her diet even more by eliminating dairy, processed sugar, processed foods, and alcohol. She dropped 30 lbs. within a matter of weeks. While working closely with her medical doctor, she also began working with a Naturopath physician having acupuncture, massage therapy, reflexology, colonics, and began gulping down wheat grass like shots of tequila. Although coping with a life threatening illness, Kayle says: “I was thriving. I felt great. I looked great. I was absolutely glowing.”

kayleBut, why would Kayle say cancer is the best thing that has ever happened to her? For starters, there are more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States–Kayle Martin is one of them. In addition to having a new and greater appreciation for life itself, a cancer diagnosis jolted Kayle into a healthier, happier, purpose-driven life. Kayle’s whole approach to healing allowed her to kick up her cowgirl heels and walk to and from the hospital for each and every chemo treatment. Kayle said she never felt sick and never experienced the nausea and other volatile side effects often associated with chemo and radiation. She continued hiking, planting her organic garden, and maintained an incredibly positive, lively spirit. Throughout the whole experience, something clicked for Kayle, she says: “It just made sense to me to get back to nature. I had a very strong will to live.” She feels that she is healthier now than before she had cancer.  “Everything I do, everything I put in my body and on my skin, the company I keep, everything supports my new way of life. It’s just better now!”

What Kayle—two-time cancer survivor, learned and wants other women to know is you can change your life! You can be healthy and happy! Kayle looked to her own personal heroine, Kris Carr, from the award-winning film “Crazy, Sexy, Cancer” for inspiration. Now she is inspiring others by working along with her local hospital as a Peer Support Volunteer Navigator. Through this volunteer work, Kayle helps mentor newly diagnosed cancer patients through every step of their treatment. She was also the 2013 spokeswoman for the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital’s charitable foundation, Paint the Town Pink, program. This cancer-free cowgirl is absolutely thriving, living life to the fullest and sharing her inspiring message of survival through motivational speaking and her personal website cowgirlsandcollardgreens.com.

Kayle Martin is a breast cancer survivor who changed her life when she cleaned up her diet. She was determined to turn her feelings of being overwhelmed into positive useful energy. Kayle was determined to give cancer the boot by forging ahead with her cowgirl mentality. Get Inspired! Connect with Kayle

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