Gynecologist Prudence Hall Shares Five Natural Ways to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

By Patricia Danflous

In three days, you are going to experience one of the most challenging days of your career. That chance of a lifetime presentation before your company’s CEO is ready to go. You’ve been practicing, editing the PowerPoint and yes, the dress for success is hanging in your closet. The day is circled in red on your calendar. That’s not the challenge. The red circle also marks the day your monthly cramps are expected to kick in. You know you will not be at your best physically or emotionally.

“Painful menstrual cramps are a major cause of time lost from work or school,” said Gynecologist and integrative medicine specialist Prudence Hall, MD. “Motrin, Advil or other non-steroid anti-inflammatory products round the clock may not be the best option. Such medications are only effective in about one-third of women. There are more natural remedies that can help.”

An internationally recognized pioneer in bioidentical hormones and regenerative medicine, Dr. Hall treats the root causes of conditions to help women achieve a life of fulfillment.

The following are Dr. Hall’s alternative solutions to treating cramps:

  • Take a magnesium supplement nightly. Women who report the most severe menstrual cramps typically have low levels of magnesium. Nuts, leafy greens, seeds, avocadoes and legumes are other sources.   
  • Take a warm bath with Epsom salts to relax tense muscles including the uterus, a large muscle.
  • Be romantic. Sex and orgasms help relieve pain due to the release of hormones.
  • Ask your doctor about oxytocin, a natural hormone. Available by prescription, oxytocin decreases menstrual cramps and body aches while producing an overall feeling of well-being.
  • Add omega 3 fatty acids to your diet through cod liver oil and fish oil supplements by eating flaxseeds, soybeans and salmon. It helps to relieve inflammation and pain.

Although Dr. Hall recommends natural alternatives to medications, she emphasizes that women experiencing severe pain should check with their physicians to rule out uterine fibroids, endometriosis or sexually transmitted diseases.


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