Creating Order Using Art

By Elizabeth Impastato

What happens unconsciously and consciously when the eyes are stimulated by viewing art?  How is order created with art?

Jacques Lancan a famous Psychoanalyst felt that the unconscious is structured like a language.  The unconscious is like gap or rupture in the symbolic chain was Lancan’s central thesis and his most influential contribution to psychoanalysis.

In the unconscious, humans look to create order to understand what is being viewed.  When an artist is inspired, moved by emotion enough to recreate that image the process is unconsciously capturing the mood of the artist.  The conscious brain is stimulated by recalling a known experience.  The humanities, art, literature, religion and music are all expressions of the human experience.  The benefits of imagination play part in the arts process of creating order.  Using imagination will enhance problem solving skills, boost intelligence, spatial consistency and squash fears of trying something new.

IMPASTATO GALLERY & ART THERAPY offers original art for purchase along with several services that may strengthen your creative ability and bring order to you in an artful way.  The Drawing Journey is taught one on one by artist, Elizabeth Impastato.  This creative drawing program designed by Eric Mondello is great for any level to improve their drawing skills.  Private Painting Lessons allow the focus to be on you.  Two package are available giving you the choice that best fits your needs.  Date Night is a big hit at the gallery.  This is a great way to spend time together while creating a painting to remember your private party for two.


Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy offers private art lessons.  The  private painting lessons are design to offer personal growth.  The student has two different packages to select their level of comfort.  The Drawing Journey is another option taught around the students busy schedule allowing for personal attention & a stress free experience. Please visit the gallery to view artwork for purchase and other unique services offered by 

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