By Elizabeth Impastato

The way we respond to a given situation depends on emotional intelligence. Everyone has different levels of emotional intelligence from the day of their birth. The way we experience birth can set the stage for our ability to develop and express our emotion. Just that first reaction to the world is part of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence for some of us never gets past the childhood stage. Think back to being a teenager and getting punished from seeing your friends. What was your emotional response? Most would scream out, “That’s not fair.” Maybe some might show violence by breaking something within their reach. It is hopeful that the teenager who is destructive improves their level of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence can be developed as our ability to express feelings grows into true forms of emotions that match our thoughts. Our ability to exercise the brain and emotions plays a key role to feelings . What we do and others see in expressions we make with our body is shown by our feelings.

Art can reflect emotion causing others that view the art to feel the emotion created by the artist. We all have the gift of art. The first step in developing anything is to put yourself in front of the tools needed to grow. Get your emotional intelligence stimulated with a canvas and paint.

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy offers several packages that work with all levels of art. The private drawing and painting lessons help to focus on each individual giving them the attention needed to develop and learn. The couples in the community have enjoyed “Date Night” giving just the two a chance to spend quality time painting together as they develop a way to express their feelings into artwork to be displayed on the walls of their home.

Getting together with friends for a painting party is always uplifting at Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy. To learn about all the services offered at the gallery, check out the website To visit and view art, stop by their location at Chenier Market Place in Mandeville.

Impastato Gallery and Art Therapy, Phone: 985-778-5338, in the Chenier Marketplace in Mandeville, 1901 Hwy. 190, Suite 28

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