Several types of toothpaste make sparkling claims, but many of them have ill effects on your delicate teeth and gums. A more natural approach can contribute to a healthy, glistening smile.

Many people do not give much consideration to the safety of their everyday hygienic products. But many of these products are potentially toxic, even hosting carcinogenic ingredients. Toothpaste is among the top offenders. Nearly all commercial toothpaste products contain toxic ingredients such as titanium dioxide, FD&C Blue Dye # 1 & 2, sodium lauryl sulfate, and sodium fluoride. These harsh chemicals can be harmful to tooth enamel and can possibly affect your overall health. Some choose to avoid the health risk by making their own toothpaste at home using simple, inexpensive ingredients. One such toothpaste is mint coco-soda toothpaste, which contains three simple ingredients (coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint oil). Coconut oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal, making it effective at destroying tooth decaying bacteria. Baking soda is a very mild abrasive, making it an effective teeth cleaner and whitener.

Try this D.I.Y toothpaste for an all-natural healthy smile!

Mint Coco-Soda Paste

2 Tbsp. of organic coconut oil

2 Tbsp. of aluminum-free baking soda

5 drops of peppermint essential oil (optional)

Mix coconut oil and baking soda together in a small bowl. Next, add the peppermint essential oil. Stir all ingredients well. Add mixture to a small air-tight container for storage. Use 1 tsp. as needed on your toothbrush.

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