IV Therapy

By: Amber Marie Arevalos

Intravenous vitamin drips have been gaining popularity in treating various conditions.

They are known to be safe and effective. You may have seen this form of therapy floating around the internet being used by celebrities and social media influencers that claim they are a must-have for your wellness regimen but are they worth it or a waste of money?
It’s simple. You have a medical professional administer the IV, which contains beneficial vitamins and minerals and takes roughly 45 minutes. These sessions typically cost anywhere from $100 to above $300. As of now, no known type of these therapies is FDA-approved and is likely not covered by insurance. Some companies can come to your home, or you can even visit a clinic to get the treatment. Dr. Sam Torbati at Cedar Sinai states that, for the most part, people report feeling better after these treatments because it’s a rapid way to receive hydration.
The IV drip works by bypassing the stomach and goes straight to the bloodstream. Dr. Tobati warns that it’s not necessarily a good thing that it enters directly into the bloodstream because it bypasses your body’s built-in safeguards and filters. This means you must know precisely what is in the IV and choose a trusted source for administration. Many physicians recommend only turning to the IV in a medical emergency, such as someone who suffers from malabsorption.

Some other concerns are that the insertions of an IV can be unsafe if not inserted correctly. IVs are invasive and are not risk-free. Being aware of the possibilities before making a home call is important. There is a possibility of infection, inflamed or blocked vein, and even possible allergic reaction to an ingredient in the therapy.  

Ensure that you select a doctor, nurse, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner to assist in your therapy needs. They should be able to go over all the risks and precautions needed before the treatment. Be sure they are following sanitary protocols and are not tampering with the drip.

It is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Weight out all the pros and cons to make an informative decision to move forward with this type of treatment. Although it can be a simple and effective treatment, it should only be used when medically necessary. If you choose to use this form of therapy, select a clean, viable source trusted by the medical community.

Intravenous vitamin drips have been gaining popularity in treating various conditions.

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