Believe it or not we have made it halfway through the summer and early fall is already in the air! However, this doesn’t mean that your vacation season will come to a screeching halt, in fact some of the finest times to travel are during summer’s end and into early fall!  If you are booked for a fall vacation, then let me give you some great tips on how to pack your suitcase for the unpredictable weather during this change of season and keep your packing to a bare minimum. 

Here are a few tips on packing a “travel capsule.”  The key to success is packing “essential” or “core” pieces and then adding some fun accessories to mix and match your vacation look. Be sure to add some of your favorite summer colors into your selection!   It is now time to mix these vibrant colors in with some neutral “core pieces” which will give you the perfect palette for your pre-fall “travel capsule.

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[tab title=”Bold & Stylish Shoes“] Add some spunk to your outfit and have fun with it!  Make room for comfortable sneakers or colored flats in your suitcase.  These will add “flair” to your daytime vacation outfits!  The key is to have an easy and stylish look that you can mix and match throughout your trip.  Tie it all together with a handbag to complete your look.


[tab title=”Lightweight Layering Pieces“] This is where you will get the most out of the essentials you packed. Layering will change the look and feel of your base layer pieces. Pack a simple, well-fitted dress (one that you can wear to dinner as well as during the day).   Add a casual lightweight jacket (such as denim) and a scarf and sandals or flats for your daytime look. Then, when night falls…. just remove those layers and put on your heels to give your dress (and you!) a complete transformation! 


[tab title=”Integrate Summer Colors“] Pack your favorite colorful accessories, scarves, belts & oversized tee’s!   This will help get the most out of your core pieces, and you’ll have fun changing up the look.  Add some sunglasses and a cool handbag that will go with all your basics (i.e. denim, dresses, and lightweight jackets).



By Whitney Alexandra

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