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The desire for sustainable, eco-friendly living is growing across all areas of society, but the fashion industry in particular has recently attracted a lot of criticism for lagging behind.  From the waste of disposable fashion to the dubious ethics of third-world production facilities, clothing has a lot of progress to make with its environmental credentials.

One of the ways the industry is starting to change for the better is through offering fabrics made from bamboo, which produces one of the most sustainable forms of natural fiber available.  But for all its eco-friendliness, the idea of wearing bamboo clothing can seem strange to some people, sounding like a trade-off between comfort and environmental integrity.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s why bamboo fiber makes an excellent clothing material, even if you ignore its unbeatable sustainability strengths.

Amazingly Soft Texture 

If the thought of bamboo conjures up images of tough, scratchy grasses, then you needn’t worry about bamboo clothing being uncomfortable.  Once the plants are processed into fiber, the fiber’s rounded shape and smooth underlying structure makes material that’s incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.

Fresh and Airy Feeling 

Bamboo fiber is filled with microscopic holes that provide excellent ventilation, keeping you feeling fresh for longer.  What’s more, these holes give bamboo a natural wicking effect that draws moisture away from your body and into the air, for longer-lasting comfort in warm conditions.

Great Insulation 

Those microscopic holes provide another benefit too. In cooler weather, they provide high levels of insulation against the chilly air, making bamboo a great lightweight inner or outer layer.

Hypoallergenic Properties 

Unlike some other clothing fibers like cotton or polyester, bamboo is hypoallergenic.  This means it doesn’t trigger any allergic reactions in the vast majority of people, even those with sensitive skin.  If your clothes often leave you feeling itchy or sore, then bamboo may provide a solution.

High UV Protection 

Bamboo clothing can filter out up to 97.5% of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight.  Combine this property with its excellent ventilation and lightweight comfort, and bamboo is the perfect material for wearing on hot, sunny days.

Easy to Clean and Stays Crease-Free 

Bamboo clothing is simple to wash and stands up well to heavy wearing, but it’s also highly crease-resistant to remove the need for ironing.  Bamboo clothing is almost impossible to wrinkle or pull out of shape, making it a durable and convenient choice for daily wear.

The environmental credentials of bamboo alone make it an attractive alternative to cotton or synthetics.  But when you add in all the other benefits, it’s clear that clothing made from bamboo fiber is heading for a bright and sustainable future.  

Bamboo clothing can filter out up to 97.5%
of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight. 

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