By Whitney Alexandra

Sustainable fashion is not only growing in style, but also by demand.  What once was a difficult mission – simple, organic tees and comfortable loungewear – is now easy to find.  But, what about more structured pieces for the working woman?  The one who wants to add a classier look to her wardrobe? 

I recently spoke to Stephanie Lin, the co-owner of Kestan, a sustainable and ethical clothing brand that builds their collections around the lifestyles of modern women.  When asked what she values in an empowering fashion line, Lin says, “A brand that seeks to put people first. There’s nothing more empowering than feeling good about the style and ethical practices of your clothes.”

Our clothing is the first impression we make at the office, on the street or when meeting someone new for the first time, and these first impressions can make a bigger difference than we realize.  Lin, who credits the incredible women throughout her life as her inspiration, says, “How we choose to dress ourselves can be an extension of our voice, so being able to lend our clothing as a form of expression for women is a privilege I take seriously.” 

If you prefer sustainable clothing, but have trouble finding brands that really make you feel stylish and empowered, here are a few options to consider:

Try a pair of pleated pants that taper around the ankles – don’t be afraid of confident, bold colors.  If you already own a few colorful blouses, it may be better to go with a neutral pair of slacks or pencil skirt.  For a less restrictive option, take a look at the ever-popular shirt dress, which can be identified by two, oversized breast pockets, waist cinch, collar or faux collar, button up front and rolled sleeves.  For casual wear, you can’t go wrong with embellished jeans and an off-the-shoulder top or romantic, Peter Pan collar.  

With the rise in sustainable clothing over the last decade, it’s easier than ever to find work-chic clothing and everyday wear you can feel and look great in.  

Photos courtesy of Kestan, an effortless clothing brand that builds their collections around the lifestyles of modern women.  They monitor and ensure safe, clean working conditions from their suppliers and use organic, sustainable materials, so you can feel empowered by your fashion choices.  Visit to learn more.

Stylist: Whitney Alexandra   |   Photos: Bri Johnson   |   Model: Lara Mcgrath (Muse Model Management)   |   Hair & Makeup: LB Charles


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