By Elizabeth Impastato

Most people want to have their home full of objects that make them feel good. Think about the one room in your home that reflects your personality. You might have a “Man Cave” or “SheShack”!

Let’s think about bringing the personality of the home out. The living room is a great place to get started with connecting personality and personal style. When you walk into this space is there any walls that are empty? Maybe the living room walls need a fresh coat of paint. Try painting the walls the color of the year, light gray. Our living room can set the whole mood of your home.

Now that the walls are fresh, try some new artwork to enhance your space. The artwork you pick should help to create the flow of the room. If you want the art to be the focal point of the room remember to consider the lighting, space and size of the art. You don’t need a large painting to create the focal point. The best way to work with a small canvas is to have very little white space. In order to fill white space with a small painting include more furniture and plants.

When you walk into your space do you feel that it is to crowded? Sounds like you need to connect the flow of the room. Try purchasing artwork that includes all the colors of your room. Maybe you need to purchase art to complete your space. Think about the rhythm, direction and motion of the space you want the art to be placed. How does the art make you feel when you stand in front of the work? How well do you know the artist that created the art? The quality of your art is just as important as your furniture. It is true that artwork purchased by local artist helps the community. What about the life of the artwork. Is it going to be something you want to fill a space and replace in a month or two? The best purchase with art is one that will last over a lifetime. You can keep the art in the family. When you find that perfect work of art ask what type of paint, canvas and has it been sealed from the elements. Most originals are much more valuable and worth the price. The price of artwork can vary depending on the artist and the size of the canvas.

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy is happy to work with any size space you need to fill with art. The importance of artwork placement to reflect personality of your home is a service provided complimentary.
Contact, the gallery to learn more about enhancing your home. • 985-778-5338

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