By Carlos Wolf, M.D.

Scientific studies have suggested symmetry and balance of the face play a vital role in our perceptions of attractiveness, perhaps because it suggests good health and strong, well-balanced genes. So, when aesthetic treatments or plastic surgery are overdone and throw off facial symmetry, the result may be negative rather than positive. I often see lips and cheeks that are over plumped and unnatural, and, therefore, unattractive. Remember, lips should not walk in the door before the person does and friends should not be unrecognizable. Maybe it’s time for a rebalancing act in aesthetic medicine.

In my opinion, aesthetic and surgical treatments are about balancing and enhancing the natural features that give each person individual beauty. If you seek aesthetic treatments, the process should begin with an evaluation by a highly experienced, board-certified physician. The consultation should include a discussion of your goals and various treatment options, including non-surgical and surgical procedures. If possible, computer imaging can be used to preview how the enhancements will look on your face. Once treatments begin, I recommend taking it slow to achieve a natural look that pleases both you and your physician. Finally, take photos of yourself before beginning treatment, so you can refer to your starting point and ensure the procedures are enhancing your looks rather than detracting from your natural beauty.

If you catch yourself saying about a friend, “I can’t believe he/she looks that way,” then it’s time to take your friend aside and politely advise that he/she look at old photos and get back on the road to rebalancing beauty on the inside and out. I realize this may not be easy, but good friends don’t let friends look unattractive! 

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner at Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified.

For more information, email, call 305-595-2969, visit or follow Dr. Wolf on Instagram @carloswolfmd.



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