Take a Drawing Journey. Let your inner artist emerge. You will feel more confident, more relaxed, and extremely proud of yourself when you complete the journey. Before you respond, “I can’t even draw a stick figure,” listen to what Elizabeth Impastato of Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy in Mandeville has to say: 
“Many people have a fear of exposing their emotions on canvas. The fear of making a mistake paralyzes them from taking a chance to challenge the creative ability trapped within waiting to be set free. Teaching people that think they can’t paint is rewarding.” 

Elizabeth teaches the private painting lessons, and her son, Eric, teaches the private drawing lessons. 

DRAWING JOURNEY, created by Eric Mondello, is designed to take any level student around the world while teaching all drawing techniques along on their personal journey. 

LANDSCAPE AND PERSPECTIVE is the first package of the Drawing Journey giving the student
the foundation that leads the journey as far as the Taj Mahal. 

FACES, the next step in our artistic travels is led by Eric Mondello, who guides students as they learn how to draw a face. The emphasis is on everything that comprises an individual’s face – the eyes, nose, mouth, ears – and how to place everything in proper perspective. To help the student with developing fine detail skills, Eric teaches the difference between male and female faces. The journey goes deeper into drawing by learning how to draw the unique features of
each nationality. 

The HUMAN BODY takes the student from head to toe while learning all muscles and hands from the city girl and cowboy friend. 

The ANIMAL package might have the student riding on a horse with cows following. You decide the journey. Complete the Journey with a new way of exercising your brain and fine motor skills. 

Visit Impastato Gallery and Art Therapy at www.impastatogallery.com and at their new location in the Chenier Marketplace in Mandeville, 1901 Hwy. 190, Suite 28. Phone: 985-778-5338 

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