By Anthony Baker

Zumba is an exciting, calorie burning dance exercise class, typically with a Latin flare.

Getting fit and staying in shape is incredibly important to people of all ages, especially in the 21st century.  Even though only approximately 15 percent of Americans belong to an actual gym, more people are getting involved in outdoor fitness activities as well as joining yoga studios and Pilates.

Certain fitness fads are incredibly popular and effective for weight-loss, endurance and strength.  The first of these major fitness fads is hot yoga.  Often called Bikram yoga, hot yoga is taught in a studio with the heat turned up to 90 degrees or more.  Hot yoga is helpful for increasing flexibility and cardio.  Even though you are engaging in a rather typical yoga routine, it is much harder for your heart rate to maintain a normal level while enduring the heat.  One of hot yoga’s most desired benefits is the detox your body will receive.  All that sweating will help to clean out your system and purify your organs and muscles.

Another popular current fitness fad is Zumba by Beto Perez.  Zumba is an exciting, calorie burning dance exercise that blares music, typically with a Latin flare.  These classes are usually taken in a gym with a certified instructor, but can also be purchased on CD to get a work out in your living room.  Typically an hour long, Zumba is great for men and women of all fitness levels who want to sweat while having a blast.  The dance styles are a combination of salsa, hip-hop, tango, meringue and more.  The choreography is fun and incorporates strength movements to help promote muscular endurance.

One of the most highly raved-about fitness programs right now is Insanity created by Shaun T.  The Insanity workout is a variety of high impact workouts that shred calories and build cardio endurance fast.  Insanity is quite difficult and requires the individual to be able to push past their physical and mental boundaries in order to keep going, even when they feel the need to quit.  Plenty of fitness experts find the Insanity program to be fun, addictive and super effective.

Hot yoga, Zumba and Insanity are just a few of the top exercise programs that are all the rage right now. Luckily for some people with gym memberships, they can take all the classes whenever they are available at their fitness center. Otherwise, many programs can be purchased online and you can work out to the videos in the comfort of your own home.

Insanity Fitness is a variety of various high impact workouts that shred calories and build cardio endurance fast

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