By Elizabeth Impastato

Life is full of distractions that prevent us from reaching our goals.  There are obstacles from the time we wake up in the morning, to when we fall asleep. Even something as simple as trying to find socks or shoes while getting dressed for work can create stress that mounts. Next thing you’re sitting in traffic, 5 minutes late to work, and your whole day feels doomed. 

There are different degrees of obstacles we face as humans, and have faced for centuries. What if the wheel would have not been discovered in 3500 BC? Or Ben Franklin could have thought it was too much trouble, and never flown his revolutionary kite. We wouldn’t have electricity or other life comforts today if those individuals hadn’t overcome those obstacles. How you face such difficulties varies depending on the unique DNA and experiences of who you are, but there is one constant. 

Art gives us a means of discovery. All of us have the ability to communicate our emotions by creating art, and expressing ourselves. The fact is that art is a tool that helps us discover ourselves as special, strong and confident individuals; ready to face whatever obstacles life throws our way. 

Impastato Gallery & Art Therapy teaches private art lessons allowing individual growth and discovery. Offering packages for painting lessons designed to fit your schedule, the options are custom and unique to your needs. Our newest service, “On-Line Art”, allows you to experience a unique way to Face Obstacles with Art. 

Private Drawing lessons designed by Eric Mondello, called “Drawing Journey”, are taught by Elizabeth Impastato and offered in various stages to benefit you, the artist. Allowing any level, from total beginner to advanced experts, to learn from each stage, and prioritize their well-being by facing life’s obstacles and exploring their creativity.

Impastato Gallery and Art Therapy
Phone: 985-778-5338 • in the Chenier Marketplace in Mandeville, 1901 Hwy. 190, Suite 28.

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